Coney Beach

Porthcawl, Wales

Theme Park Review's UK 2006 Trip!

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After Chessington we decided to make a little "surprise stop" at a seaside park in Wales called "Coney Beach." 
Needless to say it was an "interesting" stop and will probably include one of the highlight moments of the trip.  Read on!

Getting into Wales you need to cross over the Severn Bridge.  Be sure to have your passports ready!

OMG! Why are they even letting us in the country?!?!?

Hey look!  It's Non-German Tom!!!

Lou loves her new loo!

It was time for Nigel to take a break and Dan took over driving the coach.

Dan!!!!!   NO!!!!!!!!
(btw, I've just noticed Jeff in the upper left going "Hey! Where did my penis go?!?!")

Lou gets the "Loo of the year award!"

Ryan quickly learns about the awesomeness that is the "Double Decker" bar.

Yay!  We arrive at Coney Beach where we get "Bonus Credits!!!"

This picture really tells you what kind of park Coney Beach's Robb's kind of park!  =)

Mega Blitz!  Also known as the "Pinfari Death Machine" was our first bonus credit!

"YAY for bonus credits!!!"  (John, please don't take any pictures until everyone has had a chance to ride!)

You know, for being a Pinfari death machine, it really wasn't that bad!

In fact, Elissa LOVED it!  (Well, she at least liked getting the bonus credit.)

Just in case you bashed your head so hard that you forgot what ride you were on, it's printed right in front of you!  =)

TPR members LOVE bonus credits!!!

See, everyone is having fun getting bonus credits.

"OMG!  Now I know why it's called a Pinfari death machine!"

Many rides on Mega Blitz makes TPR members very happy!

It's a really compact layout, and really, it wasn't that bad at all!

Next up was the first of many "sad and pathetic" moments of the trip....

A whole train full of adults taking over the kiddie coaster!

TPR taking over the kiddie rides was a mostly scary sight to see.

Of course, nothing was quite as scary as the growth on this mans face!

"YAY for bonus kiddie coaster!!!"

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