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Theme Park Review's "Robb & Elissa's Side Trips" - UK & Europe 2006

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Now that the UK Trip and Add on is over, and everyone has said their goodbye's and gone home.....
It's time for the *REAL* TPR Trip to begin!!!  =)
Yeah, all that UK mumbo jumbo was just a DECOY for the REAL trip...which of course was an exclusive group of just six of us and we went
all the way out to FINLAND!  We thank everyone for taking part in our pseudo-TPR trip during the UK, but NOW it's time for some fun!  =)

Here we are, back at Stansted Airport, and we're going to Pound It all the way to Tampere!

On the flight we can see what Derek is dreaming of......

...and of course Elissa also dreams of her true love!
(Rodney is very jealous!)

Yay!  Finally we arrive in Tampere!  Time to party hard...FINLAND style!

Our first park with a name we couldn't pronounce....Sarkanniemi!

We were given a treasure map from the park (seriously!) and we went exactly where it said "X Marks the Spot!"
(Derek is holding up the map!)

Hey!  Looks like Rodney stowed away to ride his first coasters of the trip!

"Boooo!  I'm scary smiley-faced Tornado cloud guy!  Fear me!  I'm the wicked Intamin invert!!!!  Oooooooooooh!"

As we float high up in the sky you can see the entire layout of Tornado.  It's cool floating in the sky.  Only on the REAL TPR Trip did
we get exclusive "floating in the sky" time.  Much cooler than any stupid ERT!  =)

OMG!  Gotta love the "Day Glow" ORANGE train!

"I love my Intamin rides more than Rodney!"

So the first drop looks like it could be pretty steep and give me willies in my stomach.  But will it really?

"Oh willy!  Oh, willy!  Get it my belly!  Oh willy!!!!!"

This is the kind of thing that makes Derek STOP thinking about Nicole!


This is like porn to Derek!

So, Tornado has this unique funky there where one of the inversions is actually UNDERGROUND.  Check this out....

See, here's where you enter the tunnel....

And here I am...being an idiot of course...being all "Gee, I wonder if I could hand slap them on the way through?"

And there it is!  Mr. Intamin Train going like 60 MPH through the underground tunnel!  Cool?  HELL YES!!!

Not only did we get exclusive floating time, but we got Elissa Ride Time on her Intamin coasters!

It's smiling at me.  Just like the hot cocoa box sitting in the kitchen at work.  It similes at me too!

"How much duct tape will it take to strap Robb to the train?"
"A hell of a lot more than that one roll you've got there!"

This is what it would look like if the world one was giant chess set, and it happened to be upside down with a day-glow train under it.

These kids are very happy.  Because in Finland you can float in the air!

"I'm crushing your head!!!  I'm crushing your head!!!"
(You Canadian readers BETTER appreciate that!!!)

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