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Blackpool, England
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The next stop on the tour took us from Southport's Pleasureland to one of the most anticipated parks of the trip, Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

Everyone on the coach was exhausted after Southport's Wheel of Death. 
Everyone except for Chris "I know there are more credits around here somewhere" Belson.  =) cute!

We arrive at Blackpool and Big Blue Hotel, our base camp for the next few nights.
Photo submitted by sfne2005

Check out our nice swanky room complete with fireplace!

"Hey!  What's that coaster we see from our Window?"  "I think that's the Big Dipper!"  "Don't we have ERT on that soon?" 

The PR and marketing staff at Blackpool welcomed us with food and beer!  What could be better?  =)

Mmmmm....who needs coasters when there is food and beer to be had?

"See, mom...I ate mine all up!"

"Ok everyone, had enough food and drink?  Now it's time to ride!!!"
Photo submitted by live2tell75

Blackpool opened up Big Dipper for us on our first night.  Everyone rejoiced.

That white rolly coastery thing down there done be da Big Dipper!

And just in case you forgot what coaster you were riding, it's spelled out in GIANT letters!
Photo submitted by OldJJMan

The train thingy goes over the hills and stuff and TPR members go "Wheeee!!!"

See!  Here they are!  "Wheeeeee!"

First drop madness!

It's like the paparazzi for a Star Trek convention!  =)

Dan's all "I like Big Mike.....but I'm just not ready for a relationship just yet!"  ;) 

"Everyone wave hello to our hotel as you pass by!"

"Yeah, we're cool....we know"

Here are your TPR rodent lovers hard at work duct taping random things to the coaster for your next DVD!
Robb's got that "I just sucked on 200 sour warheads" look on his face.
Photo submitted by CreativeForce

"Where does this lift hill go?"  "It goes up!"

OMG!  I see it!!!  SIGNATURE MOVE in the front seat!!!

This is what a TPR event looks like after a few "Welcome to Blackpool beers!"  =)

After our ERT, we all moved over to The Star, which is the pub right at the back entrance of the Pleasure Beach.

Here we were treated to a traditional pub quiz, some TPR trivia, and even got the chance to see the sunset from an "Exclusive" location.
And you know what that means, right?

Yes!  *EXCLUSIVE* Signature Shot sunset photos!!!  Wheeee!!!

Who let Robb have a microphone?!?!  Doesn't anyone know that's a HUGE mistake??

TPR Trivia gets the Rich "Signature Move" seal of approval!

Barry, you should know the answer to "Who here has taken the most pictures of Elissa?"

"I'm CRAAAAZY fat guy with a microphone!  Gimme some DUUUUUUUDE!!!"

Ok, so we know that Rich & Melanie are doing good, Casey seems to know the answers....but WHAT'S WITH THE WALRUS!?!?

Anthony!!!  If you are cheating, me and my neck fat & shiny shoes are going to throw you into the Irish Sea!!

Now the part everyone was waiting for!  Elissa plays strip trivia!!!  Yay!!!!  Barry get your camera!

In the lobby is one of many "TPR Laptop parties!"

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