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Theme Park Review's UK 2006 Trip!

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Today starts the day one of the "official" TPR UK Trip 2006!

From the moment we all got on the coach, Robb grabbed the microphone and started babbling about Donkeys, video stores,
liquid soap and his favorite place to find left over potato chip crumbs.  So yeah, basically he never shut up!

The TPR UK Tour participants were greeted this morning with goodie bags, T-Shirts and TPR pillows!

The hand-made good bags included the "Vekoma Survival Kit" and some EXCLUSIVE TPR random bits and pieces!

We all arrive at Chessington, still a little jet lagged, but an hour of ERT with only 53 people on 2 coasters should wake us up!  =)

They even brought out the Vampire organ donor to greet us!

YAY!!!!  First ride of the ERT!!!  We're so psyched we've got our mouths WIDE open!

Woah!!!  Woah!!!!!!  POV ALERT!!!!  OMG!!!

"Yeah!  I got my lipstick camera, a bag of goo, and one hundred dollars!  I'm all set!"

This is just like Big Bad Wolf.  Except we're not in Virginia. And the little town is totally different.  But yeah, other than that....

I don't think it is possible to take a photo of Vampire without it being "Through the Trees!"

Tommy & James are all "Half Arrow, Half Vekoma rides are the shiznizzle!"

So they ran three trains during ERT.  That was pretty cool of them.  We gave them gold stars and fudge brownies.

You could basically ride as many times as you wanted.  I think some people got like 18 rides on both coasters during our ERT!

Staff are the only ones who have access to my private parts.  I sure hope they are cute!

We couldn't get enough of Dragon's Fury.  Don't let the looks of this coaster fool you.  This is a BAD ASS ride!!!

This was a "OMFG HANG ON!!!" type of ride.

Ok, except for these freaks of nature here.

OMG!  Even Chessington has a "NINETY DEGREES!!!!"

"It's a real good thing there's no water or sugar on this ride!"

Chris & Steve got the 3-some spinning method down to a kinky science.  ;)

And yeah...see that hill.  MASSIVE AIRTIME!

Lou stalks her next victim!

TPR members loved Dragon's Fury!

"I'm nauseous!"

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