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Theme Park Review's UK 2006 Trip - Scandinavia Add On!

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So as if planning an entire trip for 50+ people to the UK wasn't insane enough, word had gotten out that Elissa and I were planning a little
"side trip" to Norway and Sweden after our British escapade.  And once people found out that we were heading to Speed Monster and Balder,
everyone else wanted in too!  =)   So we got the gears turning again, and we ended up having 45 people from the group join us for our add on trip!

Here we are at Stansted airport giving Ryan Air a try.  They were kind of like the "Southwest" of the UK, and we really thought they were great!

"DUUUUUDE...you're flying my airline!"

"Would you like Coffee, Tea, or POUND IT!"

"We're going to pound it all the way to Sweden!"

Rodney was all buckled up and ready for some hot Speed Monster action!

"Yay!  We're in Sweden!"

"Now all we have to do is walk to Norway, right?"

WRONG!!!  Look who was there to pick us up!!!!
Well, actually the coach was there to pick us up...we just hired Don to hold up the sign!  =)

"Yay!  We're in Norway!  Where are the water rides???"

Ooooh!  Pretty Intamin rocket coasters towering over the front of the park!  Sexy!

Elissa's all "OMG...I get to PENETRATE the Intamin ride!  Now I know why you like being a guy so much!"  =)
Photo submitted by Dan

And here it is...living proof of....INTAMIN PENETRATION!!!!!  As you can see, the Intamin ride can take on a lot of us at once!  =)

Ahh, Speed Monster...what we flew all the way here for!

See...the trains are nice and themed.

We're in "Launch Position!"  Oooh, baby!  =)

Hey Cedar Point....they still have their wheels!  =)

Random hot Norway chick is all "Intamin gods...TAKE ME!!!!"
Photo submitted by Dan

Wow!  Now that is a VERY excited train....wait a second...what is that thing I see...in row two?  OMG!  Yes....
Photo submitted by OldJJMan

Photo submitted by OldJJMan

Yeah, Intamin doing the loopy pretzel thing.

We like funky track layouts that go all over the place.

Yup, there is some airtime there....

And there's some twistyness here....
Photo submitted by Dan

And some loop-de-loop here!

People in Norway look kind of blurry for some reason. 
Photo submitted by Dan

German Tom would be VERY pleased and start dancing!

Intamin proves once again that these coasters are PERFECT for a park like TusenFryd.

"Was it as good for you as it was for me?"
Photo submitted by Dan

Wow!  They sure can dispatch those little trains like crazy!  =)

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