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Today, we are HERE!!!
Photo submitted by sfne2005

It's a good thing Flamingoland doesn't tolerate Anti-Social behavior otherwise we'd be banned IMMEDIATELY!
(Well, James will probably be banned, but that's because he's anti-social!)  =)
(Wait...what the hell is yobbishness?  Is that like Robbishness???)

"Jolly, Jolly, Jolly....I'm being yobbish...please don't kick me out!"

First of was Velocity.  We loved the version of this ride at Toverland, and this one was pretty awesome too!

There it is!  The heart of Vekomaland!

Velocity is a Vekoma "Booster Bike" kind of a launched motor bike coaster.

Big Mike is all "Velocity is good for the biceps!"

Jeff!  For the love of all who wear deodorant!  Put your arms down!!!!

Yes, it's made by Vekoma, and yes is REALLY GOOD!
(It's also smooth as a baby's bottom!)

OMG!  I can't believe it!  Not only did I NOT break the coaster, I love it!!!

Uh, oh....looks like you'll be leaving the park soon!

STOP YOU!!!!  Stop with all that yobbishness!!!!!

Yay for Booster Bike!  I mean Velocity....I mean smooth baby's bottoms!!!  Yay!!!

The back of the seats give you a nice spinal rub while you ride.  It's nice.  Normally I'd have to pay $50 for that in Amsterdam.

"Yeah, check out my Vekoma crotch rocket!"

Jim's all "Do you ever NOT have the camera?"  Derek's all "Where's the beer."  Cameron's all "I like Kangaroos!"

These two are crying like babies.  And yes, the ride is as smooth as their bottoms!

Everyone get ready for launch!

ZOOM!  ZOOM!  ZOOM!  (Where's German Tom?)

I give it two "smokers cough" thumbs up!
Photo submitted by

So yeah...um...this is a picture of Velocity...because...um...we have roller coaster pictures on this website....yeah.

Duuuude....Pound it on the Booster Bike!
Photo submitted by sfne2005

Barron & James are our sexy Booster Bike centerfolds of the day.

They will be appearing in the "girls of TPR" swim suit calendar at the end of the year!

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