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Great Yarmouth, England

Theme Park Review's UK 2006 Trip!

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Now we are at Joyland!  A "children's fun park!"
Photo submitted by DerekRX

Do we count as children???

Spook Express...John is the spooky part!

Spook Express gives you a nice view of the town....

...then a nice view of the beach....

and NOW...and nice view of Dave!!!!
(I don't blame you for rather wanting to look at Rich & Melanie!)

More trains going into tunnels.

Yes, I know...we kicked all the kids off the coaster...again.
Photo submitted by Dan

So "Tyrolean Tubtwist" is not only difficult to say, but difficult to count as a "credit."
Photo submitted by DerekRX

It's like a tea cup on a track....

...some people call it the last remaining "Virginia Reel" type of coaster.
Photo submitted by DerekRX

It's certainly bizarre as it spins while it goes through the track.

And its' a VERY tight fit!!!!  =)
Photo submitted by Cameron

Cameron's all "Why do I have to be so close to these two guys?"

But Dan's all "I kind of like all this hot man flesh next to me!"

Elissa's all "HELP ME!!!  It's SPINNING like crazy and I have two HUGE dudes CRUSHING ME!!!!"
Dave and I are all "This is AWESOME!"

"Oh Daron!"

"That will be $50 please, Daron!"  =)
Photo submitted by Cameron

OMG! Look!  It's an EXCLUSIVE SHOT!!!!  "Tubs-O-Jim!!!!"
Photo submitted by live2tell75


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