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Theme Park Review's "Robb & Elissa's Side Trips" - UK & Europe 2006

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Our final stop in Finland was Power Park!!!

Here is today's cast of characters.  Funny...doesn't seem much different than the day before....hmm.....

The main reason for visiting Power Park?  WOOD!!!!!

Like insane "GCI" Wood!  (For those of you not into coaster geekdom, GCI is the name of the company that built it!)

"I think from up here I can see New Mexico!"

"Go that way...really fast...if something gets in your way....TURN!"

Those boys at GCI must have been drunk when they designed this one!

Can you follow that track?  I can't!

Tommi: "What did I do wrong to get stuck next to the old guy?"
Jeff: "Check it out, I lap this kid 4 times in age!"

Oh, look who we have here.  Happy Derek and pissed off Dan!
If you think you know why Dan is pissed off....

The best response will win a TPR bag-o-crap!

Whee!!!  "We're having so much fun on the REAL TPR Add-on trip!!!"

In case you haven't noticed, this coaster is full of curvy bits!

You are required to wear a cloaking device unless you are sitting in the front or back row.

"HEY!!!!  Anyone out there have some insulin?!?!?"

Just what we always wanted to see.  "A fat guy get eaten by a roller coaster!"

Ok, so now for the obvious captions... "This new coaster at Power Park is called Thunderbird."

Thunderbird has airtime hills, big drops, curvy bits, and more specifically in this photo...diabetes!

And we close this page with Dan.  And that AWESOME look on his face.  Let's see if we can mimic the sound he makes.....

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