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Today we were at Drayton Manor which turned out to be the first "disappointing" park of the trip.  Yes Coney Beach was total
crap, but that was to be totally expected.  Drayton on the other hand seems to have really gone downhill since the last time we visited.

"Do we really need 5 hours here?"  Turns out we didn't.  Everyone was ready to go after about an hour and a half.

New for us was "G Force!" A Mauer Shone "X Car" Coaster.

Of course, keeping with the disappointment theme, it was closed when we got to the park.

Luckily they did manage to get it running shortly after we arrived, otherwise we would have been able to leave that much sooner!  =)

So, G Force has an "upside down" lifthill.  Why?!?!?  It really made no sense to us.

LOL!  I didn't know parks ACTUALLY called them "Big Boy" seats!!!

"This ride is so stupid and pointless it reminds me of the Screamin' Squirrel!"

For a ride that goes upside down three times, G Force wasn't very impressive.

Hey look!  Gimmick #1!!!

If you really need to know what an upside down lift hill is like, get right out to Drayton, otherwise, give this one a miss.

Wow, now that looks like a train of "Happy Riders" doesn't it?

The restraints were kind of uncomfortable, and no one really seemed to be that excited about the ride.

The best part of the whole thing were these two Tesla Coils!  Is it really the best idea to have these in a giant metal room so close to people?!!?

This hill did produce some decent airtime.  Not as INSANE as Speed at Oakwood, but it was still very good.

Oh, goody. More upside down lift hill.

Airtime hill of random hotness.

Get ready for the X-Car inversion sandwich.

"I'd like that inversion sandwich on rye bread with some pepperjack cheese, please."

"Actually, there seems to be a LOT of cheese on this ride!"

Still LMAO at the "big boy" thing!!!

Elissa took this really nice photo.  In fact she took all the photos.  I find it far more interesting to talk about Elissa's
photo taking ability than I do talking about this pointless ride.

I liked this photo because it looks so wrong.   Like why isn't the car straight?  And what the hell are all those bears?!!?

Oh, look...happy people.  They were all shown a photo of Barry naked and the reaction was either horrific shock or screaming laughter.

I love photos of the back seat back of the train.  It really turns me on.  Does it turn you on?  Oh really?  Go take a cold shower dammit!!!

If you looked at this entire page of photos and needed to know what the time of the ride was, congratulations, you're a totally moron!  =)

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