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Great Yarmouth, England
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Part 2 & 3 of our "credit whore day" on the east coast of England was located at "Great Yarmouth" which is a seaside resort similar to something
like Wild Wood in New Jersey where the two parks are about a 15 minute walk or tram ride apart from each other. 

First up was "Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach!"

There certainly is a lot of "Pleasure" in bad not many people on the trip encountered much "Pleasure", right Lou?  =)

The Pleasure Beach had a roller coaster, I forget the name.....
Anyway, while most people on the trip were interested in this ride....

...others found the edible bricks FAR more fascinating!!!

So the roller coaster (whatever the real name of it is) is one of those "Side Friction" rides where a dude sits in the middle with the brakes.

Yes, yes...we had fun, of course.

But the truly sad and pathetic people were over at the kiddie coaster scaring all the children!  =)

Damn, I know the name of the park, but what is the name of the roller coaster?
If you know the name of this coaster, please EMAIL DAN!

Wow!  Look at that lift hill!  Keep looking.  If you stare at it long enough, it will transform into a giant robot right before your eyes!

These side friction coasters, sometimes called a "Scenic Railway" don't have anything holding the train onto the track.
So it's up to Mr. Brakeman to save us from plummeting to our deaths!

"Yo, Mr. Brakeman, we see you!"

Roller coasters are neat-o.  Go ride them. photo please!

Mr. Brakeman is right there in the middle taking care of all us riders.

See!  It's so pretty and blue!  Just like Elissa!

Green light means "GO FOR LAUNCH!!"

(btw, I'm talking about random shirtless dude, not the evil skeleton monster!)


"Lou!  Is that you???"

From behind it looks like it could be Lou....

OMG!  It *IS* Lou!!!!

Casey is bigger than the car!!!

"What fat people look like when they get kicked in the nuts."

Aussie a$$hole #1 has never had this much fun before!

And Aussie a$$hole #2 is all "How did I even fit in this car with this huge hideous beast???"  =)

Can't you get arrested for public displays of signature moves?

Just in case you needed some out of date film, you can buy plenty of it here!

"Why....WHY did these people have to come visit MY park!?!!?"

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