Theme Park Review's Links!
Here are some sites we highly recommend:

Roller Coaster Database - Need we say more?

Screamscape! - Best news and rumors on the net! (About parks, that is)

Westcoaster! - Theme Parks & Potato Salad!

Coaster Force - Great international coaster information

Roller Coasters, Hot Chicks, and Beer - Do you need anything else?  =)

It's all about Great Adventure!

Roller Coaster Media Library!  Check it out (literally!) And be sure to take their quiz! - some AWESOME photos from Europe and the rest of the world!

Like is says - Networking the Attractions Business

Coaster Counter - A great way to log your track record!

RideWorld - Park Events, and Theme Park Information!

Thrill Network - Great information about coasters and theme parks

Coaster Game Stuff, Forums, and more random stuff!

Onride - International Rollercoaster Community and German pretzels

You might not find any hot chicks, but you'll find a LOT of coaster info!

Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain - Just as it sounds!

It's a Coaster Club - European Style!  Also home to First Drop Magazine!


NorCal Coasters - Who says Northern California is boring?

Theme Park Denmark - These guys live near the Dog Fart Coaster, so they're cool! - Coasters Freaky Australia Style!

Joyrides - The best coaster photos on the net!

CoasterSims - Coaster game and other randomess

Lone Star Thrills - Because every thing is bigger in Texas!

Whootah!  - Totally messed up people!  Which is why we like them!

Amusement Today - The best "industry" information out there

Parcs Passion -Oui, Oui!  French Roller Coaster Club

Six Flags New England Central - Everything you need to know about SFNE - Great site about Australian parks

Jonathan Hawkins' Coaster Site - Lots of photos and videos by Jonathan

XTREME Coastin - It's about coasters and it's XTREME!

East Coast Coasters - Videos, Photos and Information about coasters out east

The Point Online - Cedar Point Information

Coasterdom - Lots of coaster information and cool forums!

Great Adventure Source - Everything you need to know about SFGadv!

PKI Central - Everything you need to know about King's Island.

SFGAm World - Everything you need to know about Six Flags Great America

XtremeCoasters - Information about XTREME rides!

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