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Vinterbro, Norway
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Theme Park Review's UK 2006 Trip - Scandinavia Add On!

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Robb's all "Here I am...me, my favorite troll, and a roll of duct tape.  Now THAT's a party!"
Dan's all "Hey Joey, remember this from last year?  Yeah...keep remembering that because you won't make any new memories this year!"
Everyone else is like "Can you just PLEASE take the damn picture already!!!"


While everyone else went to ride coasters and stuff, we found the "Obstacle course!"  How many lives can be lost today?

"GRRR!!!  These EVIL tires remind me of sugar!!!!  MUST KILL!!!!"

"OMG, how did I end up here!  Last time I remember was I was in the doctor's office and he had a glove and and he
told me to bend ov.....oh dear....wait...that still doesn't explain how I got here!!!!"

"Well, it's not as cool as the Dan & Elissa love swing...and you know Tom is here...but hey, it's GOT to be better than that doctor!!!"

Oh, yeah...he's going down the Lego slide too!

"Now I know what it's like to be a poo."

"Hello fanboys!  If you want to see a version of this photo, but instead I'm naked, then EMAIL DAN and ask him for it!!!"

Robb's duct tape says "Please help me!!! I'm attached to this fat man's body!!!!  And look where I'm at!? Would YOU want to be stuck there??"
Oh, yeah...the caption....um...."Wow, that's a lot of slushies...if I had a brain, I could cool it...but I don't so I'll eat more duct tape."


This is what Elissa looks like when Robb kisses her.

Well, now that's a whole new take on "Eating $hit!"
Photo submitted by Dan

Is Dan doing his "beaver impression" or is he excited about his favorite Space Shot?  Why don't you EMAIL DAN and ask him?
  If you answer correctly you get a gift certificate good at the video store at the corner of Lincoln and Olympic.

Yeah...."Japp Spaceshot..........Japp."  =)

Random log flume photo.

Random "Oh, ha ha...it's a water fountain, but LOOK, Robb has stood in front of it to look like he's peeing.  Oh, how very, very clever."
*rolls eyes*

TusenFryd invites you to ride the "Vekoma Death Machine!!!"  Yay!!!

Oh...my head....what was I thinking...what was I doing?  I hope I don't have to visit Don's doctor now!
Photo submitted by cfc

"Yay!  This park has TWO coasters I like!!!!!"   "Whootah!!!!"
Photo submitted by cfc

Hey fanboys...want to play with my joystick?  If you know where I like to put the joystick EMAIL DAN and let him know!
Answer correctly and you get a bottle of warm paste, two dollars in small change, and wax paper once used by me!
Photo submitted by OldJJMan

"Hey guys...we missed out on Thunder Coaster ERT, but it's ok because we had sex 47 times in the Speed Monster station!"

Unfortunately, the Intamin curse hit us that night and Speed Monster refused to operate.

This nice gentleman came out to explain what happened.
"You see, the ride just can't handle this much coaster dorkiness at one time.  We're very sorry, but we need a group of extremely hot chicks
in order to open the ride again.  Do we have any hot chicks here?  Hmm....well, certainly not enough to fill the needs of the Intamin gods.
We're happy you all got to ride it earlier, but we're very sorry, you're all just too sad and pathetic for us to let you ride any more."  =)

Well, it doesn't matter!  We all had a good time at TusenFryd anyway! 
(even Bill, our resident troll!)
(PS. Rich...they are too young for you!!!)  =)

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