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Vinterbro, Norway
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Theme Park Review's UK 2006 Trip - Scandinavia Add On!

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Next up was Thunder Coaster...where we had an hour of ERT after the park closed!

So you don't hear much about this woodie.

Not sure why, really....

You get a nice view of the rest of the park from the lift hill.....

It's set within the hillside of the park....

...and OH MY GOD this ride is INSANE!!!!!


While the first thing you encounter is this nice floaty curved first drop....

The rest of the ride is OUT OF YOUR SEAT insane!!!!
Photo submitted by cfc

Airtime everywhere!!!!

And yes, this ride is very aggressive, but it's worth it!!!

Rich gives it a "Two Signature Moves HIGH IN THE AIR" approval rating!

James is all "I actually found a ride that I LIKE!"
And Jay is just all like "WHOOOOOTAH" or something like that!
Will is all "Does anyone else think Barry might be retarded?"

Yeah, see that...it's called AIRTIME...and this ride has a LOT of it!

Elissa's doing her "Kenny" impression.  Dan's all "I'm doing my clenching up the sphincter getting ready for Joey impression"
And Tom's doing his "I'm acting just like Robb" impression!

That hill right there...yes...EVIL...AWESOME.....

Yeah...see what we mean!  Now THAT is crazy ass Norway coaster riding!!!
Photo submitted by Dan

And a rare candid photo of Robb & Elissa!  I'll bet you didn't know that, when people aren't looking, they always have that
"Wow, I really gotta take a mean dump" look on their faces!

Have we mentioned how AWESOME this ride is?

"Ryan, just pound the screen, you know you want to!  You know you want to post a picture to TPR of you pounding the screen."

Don's all "Why does this guy keep acting just like me?!?!"

Dan: "I'm wet, and I DON'T CARE!!!"
Jeff: "This is a really, really, really bad photo of me...I sure hope Robb & Elissa use it!"  =)
Photo submitted by OldJJMan

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