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I am pleased to report that the changes made to Bubble Works did NOT destroy the original version.

"Hey don't get wet on this...well...not really!"  =)

Someone forgot to hit CTRL-ALT-DEL

All the Chessingtom Ride ops were very happy to see the TPR crew all day long.  Why?  We don't know!!!  =)

Hmm..this used to be the "fart meter...."  Oh well!

OMG!  Maybe putting 4 TPR members in one boat wasn't the best idea!!!

The dark ride is filled with lots of little half-naked dudes trying to get clean.

Floating GIANT cows make great any dark ride an uber-potential experience of fun.

This is totally a "Tommy & James" approved spa!

Ever want to know how rubber duckies have sex and multiply?  Now you know!

"Hey Dan!  It's BATH TIME!!!!"  =)

Ahh!  Now here is the "Dan Friendly" part of the ride!  =)

Tom seems to love it!

"HA HA HA HA!!!  I'm laughing at Dan!  I'm laughing at Dan!  HA HA HA HA!"

Believe it or not this is a "Dan Approved" water ride!

"This is certainly an acceptable level of wetness!"

We all were feeling very violent so we need to go shoot stuff.

Wow....did someone take a picture of John with his camera?!?!

OMG!  Don't EVER let Robb in charge of a ride!!!  =)

"Hey CoasterForce baby...what are you doing tonight?"  ;)

Um....I have a feeling this is NOT going to be a good idea!

See giant snake.  SHOOT giant snake.  Giant snake go "Hiss, hiss, hissssss."

"Hey boys.  Check me out.  Don't you get all turned on by me and my huge gun?"

"Shoot the evil monster in the eye!!!  Just pretend it's Robb!"

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