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Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 255-4100
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Apocalypse: The Ride
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Green Lantern: First Flight
Magic Flyer
Riddler's Revenge
Road Runner Express
Superman: Escape From Krypton
Twisted Colossus

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Justice League: Battle for Metropolis
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Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth
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There is a lot of variety in the types of coasters at the park as SFMM has been battling Cedar Point for a number of years to claim the largest coaster collection.

SFMM strengthens its hold on the title as it nears 20 coasters. The park continues to upgrade old coasters turning Superman The Escape into Superman: Krypton Coaster providing the option of being launched forwards or backwards. They also turned Colossus from a racing woodie into a mobius creation from Rocky Mountain Coasters. Bolliger and Mabillard designed four of the park's coasters including Tatsu and Riddler's Revenge which many consider to be the world's best Flying and Stand-Up coasters. Many parks would be proud to have the other two B&M offerings of Batman: The Ride and Scream. And there are plenty of other quality coasters X2. For a long time it was the only 4D coaster in the US, although now the park has two with Green Lantern. Goliath is the tallest full circuit coaster in the park, while Full Throttle has the tallest loop in America. Apocalypse (a once smooth GCI woodie), Ninja (Arrow Suspended), Revolution (Schwarzkopf), Viper (Arrow multi-looper) and Gold Rusher (mine Train) round out the roster of adult coasters Green Lantern and X2 are two problematic coasters in terms of capacity and wait times.

Log Jammer is one of the few remaining Arrow 'flume" rides.
Johnny Rockets has multiple locations in the park. Food etc by the base of the Superman Tower has multiple options under one air conditioned roof including sushi, fried chicken, chicken strips, hot dogs, turkey legs and Mexican. Mooseburger Lodge offers an all you can eat buffet. Longhorn BBQ in the Movie District is fairly new to SFMM but gets good reviews. SFMM is also one of the few SF parks that offers grilled corn on the cob at the Corn Cart (Gotham City area).
Operating Season
The park is open year round with daily operation April through August. September to March the park is generally only open on weekends and weekdays during holiday weeks.
Established Seasonal events
FrightFest occurs Friday - Sunday during the month of October.

Holiday in the Park - occurs from mid-November to New Year's (mosty on weekends) with limited rides operating.
Access & Location
SFMM is most easily accessible by car and directly off Interstate 5 (I-5).

SFMM lists the following public transportation options on their website, but involves multiple transfers and is time consuming

Metro Red Line North Hollywood 757 Express route: From Downtown Los Angeles, take the Metro Red Line to the North Hollywood Station.
Then take the North Hollywood 757 Express bus to the McBean Regional Transit Station (MRTC).
From there connect to a Santa Clarita Transit routes 3 & 7 to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Metrolink train: From Union Station Downtown Los Angeles, take the Metro Link train (Antelope Valley Line) to the Newhall Station.
From there take either Santa Clarita Transit route 1 & 2 or 4 & 14 to the McBean Regional Transit Station (MRTC). Both lines service the Newhall Station every 15 minutes.
From the MRTC, transfer onto a route 3 & 7 directly to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Note: City of Santa Clarita Transit will honor Metrolink fare ticket when the origin/ destination pair includes the trip to be taken on the bus.
For more details on bus schedules and fares please visit SantaClaritaTransit.com or call 661-294-1BUS.
Nearby Lodging
There are plenty of options within a couple of miles along I-5. Always check hotel reviews as the quality of the hotels in the area varies greatly.
Virtual Queue Options
Three versions of Flash Pass are offered to greatly reduce wait time. Flash Pass is highly recommended when visiting in the heart of the summer and/or if you have limited time at the park.
News and Information
X2 Official Announcement

Twisted Colossus Front and Back Seat POV
Full Throttle Roller Coaster POV
Twisted Colossus Virtual POV
Batman the Ride Backwards POV
Green Lantern First Flight Roller Coaster POV
Lex Luther Drop of Doom POV
X2 Roller Coaster POV
Superman Escape from Krypton Roller Coaster POV
Retro Revolution Roller Coaster POV
Retro Colossus POV
Terminator Salvation The Ride POV

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