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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Sky Tower Re-Opening Day - May 13th, 2006
Oh, yeah...and it's Tatsu's Opening Day...too!  =)

Valencia, CA
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We all know about Tatsu.  We've been following the construction updates for months now.  Media day was just a couple days ago and it was
AWESOME!  Today was the rides first day of "public" operation, but something else quite important also happened today.
Sky Tower opened for the first time in about six years!  This tower has been a landmark attraction since the park opened in 1971 and have been
closed to the public since sometime in 2000.  It now sports a brand new paint job and it once again letting people view the park from 400 feet up!

Woah....notice something missing?  How long has it been since you've seen this???

There it is, Tatsu and Sky Tower....together at last!

As you can see they have transplanted the Japanese gardens to the entrance of Sky Tower.

The giant weight thingy that helps raise the elevator.  You do NOT wait to get into a fight with that thing!

Door opens...PEOPLE!!!  IT'S PEOPLE!!! (no, not the Soylent Green type)

"Ooooh...Sky Tower...."

I had my body guards escort me up, you know, just in case some one wanted to start something.
Sky Tower's known for it's rough nights and party atmosphere.

WOW!  Looks like a lot of people want to ride Tatsu!  But what about Sky Tower?  C'mon give it some love too!

From Sky Tower you get some very pretty views of Tatsu. 

The tower still looms over the ride..."You might be new, Tatsu, but *I*, the Sky Tower, will always be king!"

Pretzel loop...yeah, this pretty much kicked all of our butts the other night!

New paint job, looks like new's really all decked out!

This is the forbidden stairs.  I remember these in the 70s.  There are lava pits and evil monsters down there.  Not recommended!

Got a few signature shots from up high.

Yes, this is the line for Tatsu!  Aren't you glad you went on media day with Theme Park Review?  =)

"Hi everyone!  I'm the tallest person in the park right now!  Oh, wait...that dude over there is taller than me...crap."

YAY!!!!  You can never have too much "egg turn!"

Apparently the Sky Tower is a great place to just relax!


You thought the brake run looked high up off the ground before?

And there is Tatsu...the whole damn thing!

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