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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Tatsu Media Day - May 11th, 2006

Valencia, CA
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Hey everyone!  Here are our photos and videos from Tatsu's media day and camp out!  Check out the complete opening ceremony
video on Page 3 as well as an audio interview with Six Flags' CEO, Mark Shapiro.  Enjoy!  =)

And for even more photos of Tatsu's opening weekend CLICK HERE!

If you were registered for the camp out via Theme Park Review, a hot chick was there to check you in....
if you registered through someone else....well....the reception wasn't quite as hot!  =)

The camp out was a huge success!  We had nearly 200 people show up and the craziness lasted ALL NIGHT LONG!
To see exactly how it all went down, and for some early morning Tatsu footage, please click the link above.
If the video doesn't stream in your browser, you can download it by clicking HERE.

Oh, please let that be a football and not a water balloon!

Elissa's scooters were enjoyed by the kids.

Um...we said "kids!"  =)

"Why thank you kindly for your contribution....Guy, please make sure this is not tea bagged tonight!"

"Camp Awesome" is where all the cool people were.  Elissa and I were NOT allowed in the camp!

What happened to that "hot chick?"

Oh, I see how it goes....everyone shows up when the FOOD is here!!!

"Hello, my name is Elissa and I will be your serving wench tonight."

"TPR is totally heavy metal, man!"

"I never knew that Six Flags Magic Mountain could be so comfortable."

"Please move your unwanted presence away from Camp Awesome."

Yes, we are dorks...those ARE coaster videos you see on the wall!

OMG, Kim Possible does NOT look happy about camping out overnight.

Tigger makes an appearance.  Where is penguin???

"Hello my name is Guy.  No further comment is needed here."

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