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West Coast Bash 2007!
Hosted by RideWorld and Theme Park Review!

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So what is a West Coast Bash?  It's when a bunch of people get together and complain about how annoying California is!
JUST KIDDING!  =)  Every year since the beginning of time RideWorld has hosted an event the say after Solace with Magic Mountain.
This year, we were fortunate enough to co-host the event with them and everyone was treated to two hours of ERT on X, Tatsu, and Viper!

This is kind of what the park would have looked like if it had been sold.  (that is before the bulldozers came in!)
We are very happy they decided to keep the park in one piece and sent the bulldozers to Psyclone instead.

Going to West Coast Bash means getting there EARLY!  Luckily they were testing the rides at 7:30am!

"Welcome to West Coast Bash!  Before entering the park sign this paper, give a pint of blood and we need a DNA sample!"

Holy crap!  A lot of people showed up!  (Thanks to everyone for their patience getting through the line.  We'll have more staff next year!)

"Hey Jahan, who's your new girlfriend?"  ;)

"Hey!!!  Check me out....I'm Robb and I'm a big stupid dork!"

Tatsu was also running bright and early for us!

Now *THIS* is what ERT should be like!!!

Jahan....down boy.  I know you're all excited because it's an Arrow ride, but dude, you just GOTTA learn to contain it!

Thank you Mr. Lift Hill Motor for not breaking on us!!!!

"Do you like weasels?"  "Yeah I love weasels!  Two thumbs up!!"  "Hey, over here!!!  I like weasels too!!!"

This is X.  It was designed in Utah.  It wears strange underwear.

Six Flags Magic Mountain's BEST employee!  Give him a raise!  Give him a woman!  Give him a pizza!

Hey!  Who brought Rachel Ray's twin sister?!?!  (Could you give me that recipe on how to make a Triscuit sandwich again?)

The Mormon tabernacle choir got to ride before anyone else!

Hey Kerim!  Make us all stars!

"Only a 2 train wait....gotta love our ERT sessions!"

"If I stand here long enough...eventually a slice of pizza might randomly fly into my mouth."

"Ok, Mr, Ride op...your THUMB does NOT go in front of the lens!!!!"  Grrrr!!!

Jahan took this really sexy photo, because, well, he and Arrow rides...well, they make sweet sweet love together!

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