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West Coast Bash 2008!
An annual Six Flags Magic Mountain Event Hosted by RideWorld and Theme Park Review!

So it's that time of year again...West Coast Bash 2008.  This year though, things are a little different from the past.  Traditionally, West Coast Bash
was a morning of ERT, then hanging out with friends and enjoying a day in the park.  But earlier this year, we pitched the guys at
Magic Mountain an idea for an event that we thought could be a "Solace Killer."  (Solace being a similar type event at Knott's the prior day)
We wanted Magic Mountain to be THE day of the weekend and the park wanted to showcase all the changes that have been going on this past year.
We added more coasters to the morning ERT session, added multiple backstage tours, added presentations and guest
speakers, and then the big surprise of the day was that *ALL* of the parks operating coasters would be running for night ERT.
I don't think in theme park event history that there has ever been an ERT session with *THIRTEEN* rides running at a time.
Overall the event was a huge success.  More than 300 people were in attendance, and it was truly a showcase for the "new" Magic Mountain.
Now onto the photos of the event....

We arrived WAY too early in the morning to get everything set up.  I think we even saw one of the trolls still wandering around.

Oh, wait, no...that was just Elissa's dad in a scary blue jacket!

"I'm looking for an "Al"--last name "Coholic."

Do the secret handshake, say the magic word, and then if Elissa makes the rodent face, you're totally in!

"Yeah, hi, he tricked's some coaster enthusiast event...what?  No!  There aren't any strippers here at ALL!!!"

Neal Thurman gives his opening speech and welcomes us to the "NEW Magic Mountain!"....and then he goes right into his
routine you see on Comedy Central.... "And what's the deal with airplane food, anyway?!........"  =)

What park enthusiasts think about while walking through the gates...

Tatsu and Revolution were open for us this morning....

....OMG...please give me ERT on the Valut ICEE machine!

Guy is in the back thinking "I want some of those for Alana..."

"One of these things is not like the other..."

Tatsu early in the morning was pretty sexy!

Unlike Ryan's Delorean, Tatsu was running today.

It's the "OH S**T!!!" part of the ride!

"Stay out of trouble boys!"  =)

Oh, wait, never comes Mr. Trouble himself!

And yes, all of their socks have been knocked flat off.

"Does this thing go upside down?"

Good thing there isn't a mad bomber standing in the way!

*Yawn*  "Should I go through that turnstile...or should I just take a nap?"

And for the Arrowfanmans in the world, Viper was also open during ERT.

Jahan is very proud.

Hector!  Down that Bagel!!!

"I swear I'm going to win the TPR video contest this year..."

These are easily the three least threatening white men on the planet.

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Steve Silvas, jdsmartdude, Jhcbiinoc, WillMontu, ajinaz, and to anyone else who sent in photos!

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