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Six Flags Magic Mountain
DVD Premiere Party & Backstage Tours
January 2008

Valencia, CA
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First a little back-story: Whenever we release one of our Coaster Expedition series DVDs, it's a tradition for Theme Park Review
members to get together for a DVD premiere party.  In early January we announced "Hey everyone!  It's time for another get together!"
About two hours after that email went out, we got a call from Magic Mountain's park president Jay Thomas.  "Hey, why don't you guys
do your DVD party...but do it HERE at Magic Mountain!  We'll show it in our theater and as a bonus, we'll give you guys an
exclusive look into what the future holds for Six Flags Magic Mountain."

Of course I responded "Ha, ha...very funny why don't you go back to fixing the flux capacitor in your DeLorean.."

"Huh?  This really *IS* the president of Six Flags Magic Mountain???"

And the rest is TPR update history!  Read on....

The park really rolled out the red carpet for us in ways we could have never imaged!

First stop of the day?  Tatsu!  For some love and ERT on our favorite flying coaster!

Here is the obligatory Tatsu and Sky Tower shot! 

Guy led the group (usually in the wrong direction) most of the day.  We gave him a sign.  We learned later on that wasn't the smartest thing to do!

Joe's all "How did I get stuck sitting next to these two losers?!?!"

Neal says "Hey TPR gang!  Not only do we have Tatsu ERT for you, but we have the NEWLY PAINTED Viper also!"

Poor Tatsu!  Everyone bailed for Viper's new sexy paint job.

I mean, look at IS darn sexy!

Cody!  Wrong ride!  Save that pose for Superman!

There was no wait in the station unless you wanted the front seat.  Or unless you are Guy, who thought this was El Toro.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...we know, we know.... "through the trees..."

"Hi, my name is Joey.  Last time I rode Tastu I puked all over the station and it cost us $2800.  Hopefully I'll do better today!"
(ok, I swear Joey, this is the LAST 'Joey blew chunks on Tatsu' joke!)

Jon, Lindsey and their invisible two friends.

GRRRR!!!!  DEJA VU!!!!  CREDIT!!!!   GRRR!!!!!

Markings for the 800 foot hyper coaster or Six Flags painting random emoticons on the ground - you decide!

Time for TPR to take over the oldest coaster in the park!

Who else would want to ride with these people?

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