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Santa Clarita Special Olympics "Polar Plunge 2006"
...or "Guy sells his body parts to Theme Park Review!"

So today was the "Polar Plunge" held by the Santa Clarita Special Olympics.  And what exactly is a Polar Plunge?  Well, it's where a bunch
of crazy people jump in the freezing cold water really early in the morning to raise money for charity.  That sounds like something crazy enough
that Theme Park Review should be involved with!  So "Team Theme Park Review" was born and we raised over $1,000!  Our members
pitched in and donated and one person even sold his body parts.  Read on...... (and yes there is a Tatsu update at the end of this!)  =)

So here we are, at Hurricane Harbor, really early in the morning, to jump in the freezing cold water!  Boy, we're stupid!  =)

This day was so insane, that photos don't quite do it justice.  We have put together a short video to describe the bizarre actions of
this day.  I will warn you, the video isn't for weak hearts.  Just remember, while you're witnessing the antics in this video, it's all
"for a good cause."  If the video doesn't stream in your browser, you can download it by clicking HERE.

The Polar Plunge was organized by the Santa Clarita chapter of the Special Olympics. 

Our TPR team fit right in!  =)

"I have brought Kim Possible for moral support.  She is in her cheerleader costume and will cheer on Team TPR."

For those of you who don't know....Guy had the idea to "sell his body parts" to TPR members in an effort to raise money for
the Polar Plunge.  We now bring you, exclusive signature shot photos of Guy's preparation for the Polar Plunge....

First!  The waterproof cap.  "GRRRR!!!!!!!!!"

"Everyone who donated money gets a part of my body. "  (Robb seems to like this job!)

"Damn, and I thought Lou's boobs were firm!!!"

Speaking of Lou, she has purchased Guy'"hot firm butt!"

Julie is represented with her pickle.

And does Erik know about this?!?!?!

Dino was there as the "Official Towel Rack."  (Personally I think he was the smartest one of the bunch!)

I think I know which body part Elissa wants to buy!  *wink*  *wink*

"Hot chicks dig the freaks!"

"Team Theme Park Review!" Ready to plunge!!!

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