Six Flags Hurricane Harbor & Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, CA
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Theme Park Review's Beach, B&M's, & BBQ Event!
So the day was finally here.  This was to be our first ever 'official' Theme Park Review meet!
Several members of the forum who have been following our antics on the website, some of them for years, and we finally got a chance
to meet some of them!  The day started out at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (which was empty!) then migrated over to Six Flags
Magic Mountain (which was packed!) and then ended off at a BBQ and 'coaster party' at our place.  (which I hope everyone found fun!)

Anyway, enough of my rambling. On with the photos....

The day started out GREAT!  The weather was perfect, there weren't too many people at the water park....

And...OMG!!!! Gregg has his shirt off!!!!!!

Elissa says "Another year...another new bathing suit."  What is it with women needing a new swim garment every year?

Davon, Linton, and Lee get the award for driving the farthest to be here!

Ahh, a nice gentle family raft ride...

...this is looking pretty wild...

...and did you know that is the face your body makes when you're "seconds from disaster on a family raft ride!"

",,,weight requirement may not exceed 400lbs.." Thank goodness Gregg is only 395!  =)

Wow, now this is like 500 pounds of hot man meat!

Dino might be smiling now....

but this is the "Tornado Raft Of Hot Death!!!!"

"I'm ALIVE!!!!  I'm ALIVE!!!"

Elissa has found a new boyfriend!  ;)

All that's left of Robb is a leg.

This photo of Gregg is just creepy...I don't know just is!

Here is part of our group from Six Flags Hurricane Harbor!

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