Suita, Japan
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Here is the closed Wild Mouse.  Open it up!!!!!

For all you monorail enthusiasts, here 'ya go!

"We're just doing with the trash can says to do!"

They could be building a 500 foot Intamin inverted stand-up woodie shuttle, and we'd have no idea!

"Dammit!  Who the hell gave her a gun???  C'mon, admit it!!!"


It's the Arrow Corkscrew that thinks it's a B&M sit down!

It's Arrow, it's white...and maybe they'll connect this one to stupid Daidarasaurus too!

This is the "Family Coaster."  It's for um....families...

Hey!  You're not a family!!!!  Get the hell off this ride!

It's for families of "bunnies and mushrooms?!?!"

"GRRRR!!!! I'M ANGRY!!!!"

On the train to Hirakata, Dan finally gets to sleep with a Japanese woman!  =)

People in Japan actually don't annoy other people.  Imagine that!

Hey Christina...look!  =)

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