Sea Paradise
Hakkeijima, Japan
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You can't say "Hakkeijima" without feeling like you're going to cough up a hairball!

On the way to Hakkeijima, we passed the town"Fukuura!"  LOL!

Ok, we finally made it to Sea Paradise!

Blue Fall was the main reason we were here.

It is being advertised as a 330 foot Intamin Giant Drop!

"Holy Crap that thing is tall!"

This drop ride was awesome!  It does something very cool, though.  Three of the cars have a 'fake drop' where you fall about 10 feet,
hit a set of brakes, then fall the rest of the way!  It scared the crap out of us!

Elissa looks like her face is going to fly off!

This thing hit the brakes *FAST!!!*

Here's the view from the top of Blue Fall!

One of the other coasters was this "Dolphin Coaster"
(Don't worry, no Dolphins were injured while riding this coaster)

It's kind of like a Wild Mouse....

...but it's also like a "Windstorm"

It was really bizarre, but this ride was really a lot of fun!

"I have a good idea...let's go ride the Togo coaster!"

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