Suita, Japan
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Hopefully Raptor...I mean..."Orochi" won't bust our nuts like the Togo Death Machine did!

You can see these trains get squeegied a lot!

"Hey everyone!  Here we are on Raptor...I mean, Orochi!"

It's Raptor...except white...

...where is the midway???

Feels pretty much the same.

Ooh!  Fun zero-G stuff.

Here are more Raptor..I mean Orochi photos.

Orochi doesn't have that rough snap into the brakes like Raptor does.

And like good Japanese...they leave their shoes!  =)

WTF?!?!  They actually made Mr. Garrison's machine!!!

This is a cool version of the 'Air Racer'.

This is a cool version of the Air Racer...(Didn't I just say that???)

WTF is "Ice World??!"

"Who cares, but they have frozen penguins here!"


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