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Florida 2005 - Halloween Trip!
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Epcot    Disney/MGM Studios    Busch Gardens Tampa  

Upon entering the park, we saw this sign.  And we just couldn't believe it......
"The Clysesdales are closed?!?!  OMG!!!  THAT SUCKS!!!  Poor Clydesdales!"
Oh, yeah...looks like Sheirka won't be open either.  =(

Since the park was really empty, we figured we'd all get a ride on Rhino Rally.

As we can see everyone was excited.

Elissa got to be the navigator!  "Watch your speed!!!"

On our trip through Rhino Rally we saw some gazelle.....

saw some zebra....

And yay!  We even saw some Rhino....butt.

Uh, oh...here comes that dangerous Vekoma track part of the ride!

"Hey baby, wanna spend the night in a cheap motel?"

Kumba made sure that we'd get wet today despise the perfect weather.

How is it after over 10 years this ride is still awesome!

Here you can see that Fred is happy to be on the nice Schwarzkopf looping coaster....

but OMG!  Put him on the Wild Mouse and it's DEMONS!!!  DEMONS!!!!!!

"Hey everyone!  Check out my signature move!"

"Hey ACErs and ECCers, this is what the COOL people do!"  =)

Goblet skull filled with Dippin' Dots.  Does it get any better than that?

Hooray for giant hungry tortoises!

Apparently Busch Gardens does a good job of keeping all their cactus "aroused!"

"No Leanne!  That's the wrong Erik Johnson!"

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