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Deep South 2006 Trip!

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It wouldn't be a "Robb & Elissa" day without a kiddie coaster here we go!

"Yes, we are kiddie coaster credit whores!  How's it going?"

Actually, it was more of a "family coaster" not a kiddie. If that makes sense.  It does to us. 

Joe's ride was very snug.

OMG! It's the Road Runner!  No!  It's NOT a person in a suit!  It's the REAL Road Runner!!!  Elissa was very impressed.

OMG! It's Robb Alvey!  No!  It's NOT a person in a suit!  It's the REAL Robb Alvey!!! 
Elissa was all "Can I go back to the Road Runner?"

Ahh, brand spanking new signage!  What a GREAT thing to see.  They send us to the most important locations....
Superman, Deja Vu, Funnel Cake!  Yum!

Well, well...if it isn't Mr. Superman Ultimate Flight.  You used to be the king of B&M Flying coasters....

...but at much as we hate to say it Tatsu OWNS you!!!

But Acrophobia still reigns as the master of drop towers and crotch smashers.

Elissa agrees "Acrophobia can smash my crotch all day long!"

Skull Island - new water play area that opened recently.  When it's hot outside, we'll play here!

We had to decide if we wanted to ride Ninja....

...Or GASM.  I mean, Great American Scream Machine.

We decided to ride GASM.

Because wooden coasters are lots of fun and make us go "Wiiiiii!!!!!"

"Hello, my name is Joe.  I'm a recovering Schwarzkopf-a-holic."

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