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Deep South 2006 Trip!

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Yo dudes and chicks and stuff!  This is our "Deep South Trip 2006 Update!"  Yay!!!!  Why did we go to the deep south you ask?  Well, we really
have NO idea!!!  I guess we were really, REALLY bored!  =)  Just kidding.  There were actually two reasons.  #1 Goliath just opened at
Six Flags Over Georgia, and we heard that was pretty good so we wanted to check it out; #2 we knew that Myrtle Beach Pavilion was closing
and we needed the credits there!  (I know..I know) and then there were other random things we whore our way around the deep
south, add a new "ghetto park" credit to our list, see a GIANT CHICKEN, and visit a really cool water park!  So read on.....

This is "Goliath" at Six Flags Over Georgia.  It's big and stuff and goes fast.  People told us it was good.  Turns out...they were RIGHT! 

Here you can see how it stretches out over the parking toll booth.  You have to pay $15 each time you ride it!  =) 
But at least you get a cool map!

Here is the station.  It has the word "Goliath" on it, so if you want to ride the coaster, you need to go here.

The second hill has those spikey things on it.  They communicate with the aliens from far away planets.

HA!  You all thought you were smart with your "through the trees" coaster photos.  But here's a REAL exclusive signature shot....
Goliath....THROUGH THE WATER!!!!  BEAT THAT!  =)

Our crew of TPR dorks say "Goliath Rocks", "I-heart-carbs", "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."
Now do you know who said what?  If you do...
EMAIL DAN!!! and if you get it right, you get 10 TPR points good towards a car wash!

Oh, thank goodness Goliath has a DOWNWARD helix!  Eat that Nitro!!!

These riders are all very happy because of the cool spikey things.

Banked turn was actually a lot of fun and taken at high speeds.

Yes, there IS good floater airtime on all those hills!

Man in red shirt:  "I'm FREE!!!  Finally FREE!!!!"

These people are getting floater airtime AND communicating with the aliens.

There are three things in this photo:  Goliath, and airplane, and Scorcher's lift hill. 
Why did we point that out?  Why not!!!

Even the very final hill coming into the brake run had good floater airtime!

Joe says: "This is MY know why it's MY ride?"

"It's got my name on it!"

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