Myrtle Beach Grand Prix
North Myrtle Beach, SC
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Deep South 2006 Trip!

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We had one more "credit whore" park to visit while in Myrtle Beach.

Oh, no!  It's a Wacky Worm in South Carolina.  Too bad we won't be able to ride!

"Oh, wait...the people at Family Kingdom are just MORONS!!!"

OMG!  There's a Robb Alvey mutating out of the Wacky Worm!  OMG!  There's a black dude mutating out of Robb Alvey!!!!

Robb (singing) "I am on the Wacky Worm, I am on the Wacky Worm and I'm in South Carolina....Waffle Iron, Waffle Iron where are you?"

Heh, Elissa's favorite ride.

Joe, you're hot.

Crazy Mouse.

"I love spinning coasters!  I can't wait to go on more of these!"

It screams.  It's a screamin' swing.

"100 uses for a stack of plywood - #47 - Hold up the Screamin' Swing platform."

"Now this is my kind of station!"

It's only cool because it has penguins.

And, oh yeah....if you know why Dan would like this photo...EMAIL DAN!

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