Funsville Fun Park & Arcade
Augusta, GA
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Deep South 2006 Trip!

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After our awesome visit to SFOG, we decided to credit whore this little place in Augusta.....

It's called "Funsville."  They had a kiddie coaster there and that's all we needed!  =)

Hooray for yet another Wacky Worm!

"Duurrrrrr....I am the Wacky Worm.  Please ride me to pad your coaster count with yet another pathetic kiddie coaster."

"Yeah baby...I *LOVE* Wacky Worms!"  *wink*  *wink*

Here we are getting the most awesome footage EVER of the WACKY WORM!!!!

"Dude, everyone wants POV of the Wacky Worm!"

"Heh...why are the boys such dorks?"

Inside the arcade was the neon pink and purple Fun Zone!  And what's in the Fun Zone?

A whole lot of DDR machines!!!

And they even had one of them Konami Para Para Paradise wacky Japanese games!

And the "hand version" of DDR!

"As soon as you build the 300 foot Intamin Hyper, we will!"

How could we do an update and NOT visit Carrabbas!

Joe swallows sausage!

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