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Marietta, GA
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Deep South 2006 Trip!

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And finally...time for some water park, or Elissa in a bikini, or hairy chest Robb action!

Six Flags White Water...and right next door Six Flags American Adventures!

We've heard a lot about this water park on the Travel Channel.  And unlike Family Kingdom, it did NOT disappoint!

Here were all the employees greeting us to have a great day!

The only shocking thing of the day was paying $10 for this ghetto little locker!
"I couldn't even fit one of Robb's man-boobs in here!!!"

We rode the rapids.  Because it was right at the front and because "rapids" is one of our top ten favorite words.

"Hi I'm Elissa.  Fanboys, download this photo and I'll KILL YOU!!!"

The "Gulf Reamer" was our favorite slide!

You basically go down REALLY fast and then get LAUNCHED into the water!!!

You're like a good 5 feet off the pool!

Here's what it looks like when Elissa and Joe go down together.

"OMG!!!!  I nearly died!!!"

Here is the park map.  So when you get lost you can download this picture onto your cell phone.

The park was very nice and had lots of things to keep you cool.

"Yeah, baby!  Check out my side boob!"

"Does this turn you on?  Well it shouldn't....."

Hey Fanboys!  This could be you for only $150!

This is WAY better than eating at the Varsity!!!!

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