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Deep South 2006 Trip!

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One of the main reasons for our trip was to visit Myrtle Beach.  There are two main parks here.  The Pavilion and Family Kingdom.  This is the
last year for the Myrtle Beach Pavilion as it has been sold and they are going to detonate all the rides in a spectacular fashion at the end of
the season.  Unfortunately, after having visited both parks, it would appear that the wrong park is on!

"Yes, Robb.  That means that it will be NO MORE after this year!"

Here's a good overview of the Myrtle Beach Pavilion.  It was nice!  Reminded me a lot of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Myrtle Beach Pavilion has one of the last wood coasters built by CCI "Hurricane."

It looked like such a decent ride, but honestly, it was pretty "craptacular."

All the hills had pretty good airtime....

...but it was the helixes that re-adjusted your spine and made your spleen curse like a US sailor stuck in Japan!

But overall the place was really nice!  It's too bad it's closing and not the "other park!" (We'll get to that later....)

Here's a pretty good shot of the Hurricane, right on the beach.

This part of the ride didn't hurt very much....

...but OMG this part sure did!

Joe was smart....he didn't ride!

It's those darn Gerstlauer trains!!!!

Oh, what is this?  Little Eagle?

Aww!  It's a little mine train made by our friends at Mack!  At least this one counts as a credit!!!

Had some nice decoration for a kiddie coaster.

Waterfalls, and water, and other wet stuff that makes Dan a jolly diabetic.

"Hey Ladies...I'm Joe.  If you don't mind a slightly dorky coaster enthusiast with a HUGE poster of American Eagle on my wall...I'm the guy for you!"

Pretty.  I mean...for a steel coaster in an ok park that's being blown up by savages at the end of the year.

"I like this ride just because it makes my boobs look like a B cup!"

"I like Little Eagle because it makes my boobs look like a C Cup!"

Here is the map to the Pavilion so if you get lost, this will help you out.

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