Paramount's Carowinds
Charlotte, NC
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The "Road to Dollywood" 2004 trip!

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If you've kept up with our website you'd know that we could never skip an Intamin Giant Drop!

Drop Zone was one of the better rides in the park!  And, oh yeah...this also fills the "Max quota" for this page!  =)

From the top of Drop Zone you could see almost all the coasters in the park!
Cyclone, Ricochet, Vortex, Borg Assimilator, Top Gun, Gold Rusher, and Super Saturator can all be seen from here!

The Cyclone is your typical Arrow looping coaster.

Dude, is it just me or does it look like the Quaker is SMOKING in this picture??!!
Max!  Stop trying to touch Mark's chest!

Elissa is not the hottest chick in this photo!

Ahh, the mark of pure quality!

We've always said these rides are like SLC's in training.

Follow all park rules at all times!!!

She's really saying "This is a very fun smooth rides and you should bring all your kids on it!"

Don't worry, Tommy, you can't get any more brain damage!

Carowinds was holding their annual 'fat chair' races!
"And they're off....fatty in #5 takes the lead, but hefty #3 is closing in fast!"

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