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Robb & Elissa Alvey's Wedding Photos!
November 22nd, 2003 - Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion & Boardwalk Resort

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Time for a day at EPCOT to check out Mission Space!

Mission Space has been in development for a long time, and it was worth the wait!*

Chris welcomes us to EPCOT's latest E-ticket ride.

Mission space lit up at night.

Mark thinks he's SOOO cool in command of his pod.

Everyone in the 'chick' pod is ready for lift off.

Here's a sample of the pods that you get to ride in.

You are warned over and over about motion sickness, but even Elissa, who gets car sick, did just fine!

The chick pod before the doors are closed.

Is Mark even old enough to pilot one of these things?!?

Elissa: "I'm nauseous" 

Over at Innoventions, you can try the famous "Beverly" at Coca-Cola's "Ice Station Cool"

Beverly is a vile tasting substance that for some reason is accepted in Italy.

Mark tricks Max into trying a cup of his *cough* favorite drink *cough*.

Oh, yuk!  That's worse than eating communion wafers!

"Stupid Quaker!!!  I'll get you!!!"

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