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Theme Park Review's Orlando Halloween 2007 Trip!

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OMG!  Something is VERY different here!

Matt says "I'm going to have a boner the ENTIRE DAY!!!"

First up!  Test Track.

Ok, everyone, get ready for the hill climb.

Piers is in the heat chamber because he's HOT!

The crash test never works anymore.

"I love going fast!"

"64.8 Miles per hour!!!!"

"Um, you guys do realize you're still in the showroom right?  RIGHT?"

Ok, everyone, please no one have an aneurism!

"Wait, Orange side is the non-spinny, one right?  RIGHT?!!?!"

Oh you bastards!

This is what Gary says to Wes in the bedroom!  :)

OMG, we are so dead!

Two Daves.  One is dead, one is British.  You figure it out!

Boobs - as seen my a geometry major.

Figment is back...but the ride is still lame.

Yes, yes, we know Figment is back.  Ok, you've made your point.

CREEPIEST IMAGE EVER!!!  Everyone, we will give you a moment to vomit (especially you Joey), come back and read the rest of the update.

HA HA!  Figment performed an illegal operation and will be shut down!

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