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Download Theme Park Review's Starliner POV Video HERE!

Ok, story time.  In 2004 Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Panama City, Florida closed down.  With it closed the Starliner.
An out-and-back woodie, which was "ok", nothing amazing, but a fun ride with a couple of pops of airtime on the outbound run.
Cypress Gardens decided they would purchase the remains of the Starliner and rebuild it.  It sat in pieces in Cypress Gardens' parking lot for
three years until finally in 2007 they were able to re-build it.  The new version of the Starliner is pretty much exactly as I remember it
at Miracle Strip.  Maybe a little rougher at the turnaround, but for the most part is seems pretty much spot on with the original!

Click above to watch the Starliner POV video, or if your browser cannot support streaming videos, DOWNLOAD it here!

Yay first drop!  It's about 70 feet tall.  Not that big, but produces a good bit of fun!

This is what we call a train.  It pulls people along the track.  DUH!

These are the people that Mr. Train pulls along.

Here is a lift hill for all you lift hill enthusaists.

Oooh!  Sexy POV shot!

You get a good pop of air at the top of this hill.

More POV!  Watch out for that little hill at the bottom.  That one will get you!

This turn around was the roughest part of the ride.  Watch the video you can see everyone shuffle from side to side.

It just looks kind of wrong.

Why is the world sideways?!!?

OMG!  Watch out for that tree!!!!

Final little drop before you hit the brakes.

More sexy POV shots.

More sexy Paul and Larry shots.

Here is a car from the original Starliner.

And if you like to read, there's a bit of information about the ride.

And yep!  "Florida's original scream machine!"

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