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Be sure to download our Universal Orlando - Halloween Horror Nights Video HERE!
Where Michael Roddy, Creative Director takes you through "Nightmare on Elm Street!"

So here we are at Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 17!  This time around Jack, the maniac clown takes us through
HIS version of a Carnival, and he and his friends, Jason, Freddy, & Leatherface (all sound familar) will do their best to
scare the bejeesus out of you.  Well, really they just want to rip your face off and deep fry it as a tasty appetizer!

The front entrance areas were all themed to the "Carnival", it looked awesome!  I will say though, that I thought this year's HHN
didn't stack up to previous years.  There seemed to be a lack of focus once you got past some of the carnival sections.  That being
said, though.  With all the Halloween events out there, Universal does Halloween better than ANY other theme park. 
Theme Park Review ranks Halloween Horror Nights the #1 theme park Halloween event!

We got to hang out with Creative Director Michael Roddy.  Just look at the people in this room.  If anything, he should have hired
us all as scare actors.  Most of these people will frighten small children and women just by looking at them!

Yay!  It's a Theme Park Review Video!!!! 
In this video, Creative Director Michael Roddy takes us through the "Nightmare on Elm Street" maze and then chats
about scares, shaker cans, and lots of cool stuff.  Click above to watch the video, or if the video doesn't stream
in your browser, click HERE to download it!

It's the Nightmare on Elm Street Maze.  Did you watch the video above?  No?  OMG!  GO WATCH IT NOW!!!

The story behind the maze is there is a new drug that has been invented which allows you to sleep while you function. 
Freddy likes that idea!  =)

"With every Sleep Well drug you purchase, you get a free Atari 2600, as shown on the screen behind me..."

There were a lot of mazes to see.  If you didn't see them all, an evil midget clown would come and ass rape you.
Hey!  Don't give me that look...I don't make the rules there!!!

Jack's funhouse really kicked ass.  It was one of those mazes that honestly started a little weak, but the build up at the end
kicked ass!  I think a few of us really got freaked out in the final room.

"Quad boobs look sexier in 3D!"

And now, put in your 3D glasses as Kodak and the Walt Disney Company proudly present... DEATH!!!!

Creepy, creepy scare zones.  Reminded me of something out of an Oingo Boingo concert.
(And young people, if you don't know who Oingo Boingo is, go to iTunes right now and download their music!)

Oui, Oui, I am zeee French scary clown monster.  Give me some American Fries.

This is why you need Express Passes!  Ok, here's something on a slightly serious note as you've come to TPR for theme park advice, here goes.
You really *NEED* to get Express Passes if you're going to visit Halloween Horror Nights.  It will make your evening SO much more enjoyable.
Especially if you are coming in from out of town, you've already spent so much money on that vacation, another $30 - $60 that will
guarantee you can see almost everything is WELL worth it. You can also look into the "Stay and Scream" pass and for the locals
Universal sells the "Frequent Fear Pass" so you can come back more often for a lot less.  Yes, the lines are long, but Universal has
several options to help you out.  So take advantage of them!!!!

This right here is cooler than anything at Knott's Halloween Haunt!  =)

Dead Silence was based on the movie from earlier in 2007.  Some REALLY creepy rooms with dolls and stuff.  Watch out for that bridge!
This was a favorite of many people in the group!  Oh, yeah, and that Mary Shaw...she's a WHORE!  Now you know what the curse is!  =)

The Thing, also based on the movie.  We kind of thought this maze was a little weak.  Kind of felt that they were trying to hard
to tell a story that didn't come across well.  The monsters and the sets looked GREAT though!

Now this maze, the "bar" was pretty much everyone's favorite!  =)

As demonstrated by Piers and Catrina's sexy blinky lights drinks!

Jow takes over the pink wand of doom.  It suits him!

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