Theme Park Review's Halloween 2007 BBQ!
A Secret Location in Orlando!

Theme Park Review's Orlando Halloween 2007 Trip!

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Animal Kingdom     Disney/MGM Studios

And now it's time for the scariest part of the entire trip....TPR members in swim suits!!!


Here is this year's "TPR House."  Not much action happens here.

"Hi everyone.  I'm Dave.  Because I'm stuck in the land of potted meat and mint sauce, I don't get gourmet luxuries like
Taco Bell.  Tonight, I will be popping my Taco Bell virginity with your basic Taco, 1 Burrito, a Crunchwrap Supreme, and a Mexican Pizza!"

He made it to the Taco and then pulled a Joey!

Larry and Big Mike at it again.  Why don't you guys just f**k and get it over with?  =)

Grill Master Robb.  "I will attack you with my meat!"

Justin goes for some wheat beer.

Lots of dudes...very few chicks...typical TPR event!  =)

Yes, very good.  You figured out how to put your feet in.

Um, are supposed to go IN the spa and pool!

"Oh boys!  Come over here and do my sister!!!"

Wow, could Matt be any drunker?

KidTums is thinking "Um, dad....I'm NOT the hamburger!!!"

"I could swear I had a shirt on when I came in here..."

It's true!  It's totally 100% true!

"I'm trying to order some women over the internet!"

More beer!

More drunkness!

"More plain pasta and hot dog skin please!"

"Hi's it going?"


Sandi, is it true?

First one that falls asleep gets tea bagged!  Poor Erik!  =)

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