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Theme Park Review's Orlando Halloween 2007 Trip!

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Welcome to the Theme Park Review Universe!

Dude there really is a lot of welcoming going on here.

Why doesn't IOA want to welcome us?

Oh!  That's why!  We're going to get kicked out before we even get in the door!

After visiting DisneySea this year, it reminds you how awesome IOA is....

While it's not quite up to DisneySea's quality, it probably is the nicest looking theme park in the USA.

So Hulk was really awesome today!

Everyone looks so catatonic.  Matt looks drunk.  Erik looks, well...happy?  Jewy looks like someone punched him in the eye
for puking on Tatsu.  And Paul just looks awesomely Candian!

"This time...I think....I think it's going to work..."


Seriously, though, this was probably one of the best rides I've had on Hulk in a while.  It needed some love and care last time we
visit IOA, and I think it really got some.

Another shot of hulk with a cake topping thingy in the front.

Gee, here's a photo you haven't seen a million times before...but WAIT  This one is different.  We've got green shirt backback dude in it!

Spiderman decided to break down so Matt & Dave, IOA Virgins, could watch the pumpkin room over and over again.  How nice!

One cake topping for you!

AKA..."The ride that doubled as really expensive theming for 6 years!"

"Dude, stop taking pictures and just get in the damn trolley thing, ok?"

Dude, Dave.  Who the hell do I gotta pay to get Sneeches to do MY laundry?!?!

Best kiddie ride evar!!!

"Ok, everyone get the jew and the Canadian wet!"

"I'm going to roll down my picture and take a window."

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