Timber Falls
Riverview Park

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
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Theme Park Review's Midwest USA 2007 Tour!

Midwest USA 2007 Tour
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Stricker's Grove   Kings Island

This whole day is Red Dawn Awesome!

Is New Jersey in there?

"Hey baby...how much for some hot Earthling action?"

"It's good to be king!"

"You're next Hillary!"

Demon queen!

"Hey look!  Random turtle!"

Did you just have a date with Smurfette?!?!

We should have made an official stop here!

Is that...."cleavage with a STRAW???"

TPR does Pulp Fiction.

The SCAD Tower Crew.

What's a SCAD Tower?  Well, they put you in this sexy harness.

Lift you into this crane.

And drop you...

...into a net.

And it's better than "normal" sex!

"Nothing is better than normal sex....except this drink."

Down it baby!

This may very well be the greatest photo of the entire update.  I'm not even sure what to write about it. 
If you have a caption, EMAIL IT TO DAN!  The winner of the caption contest will get a date with Dan!

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