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Theme Park Review's Midwest USA 2007 Tour!

Midwest USA 2007 Tour
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We are in the car! Off to the airport! Wait...who's driving?!?!

OMG! It's Jahan! We're never going to get to the airport!!!

Oh, we'll make it.....Jahan has his super lube!!!

Yay! Almost there!

Checking in....good thing we didn't have to pay an extra $160 for our luggage!

"What the hell are these people doing?!?!"

We have all decided to suck down some sausage.

"Hey baby...can I skin YOUR hot dog too?"

Chris says "I'll trade you a baby for your hot dog skins...."

"I'm happy now...."

Time to get on that giant flying machine.

And of course TPR trips also includes moments where straights dudes show they are totally cool with their heterosexuality.

Another TPR tradition.  Fly in.  Find the nearest Waffle House.

That's right!  A plate of hash browns - Smothered, Covered, Topped, and a bunch of other stuff!

"The Waffle House experience!"

Here we are at the Cincinnati Airport with a bunch of other losers...I mean...TPR members...getting ready for our tour.

"Inside these bags you will find everything you need to fulfill your greatest fantasies..."

Cora makes us some bus signs because she can do stuff like that.

And here we are!  The group ready to conquer the midwest!

Jahan is going to need a new pair of panties.

Ryan helps out Vekoma.  Why?  We're not sure.  We don't care either!

Casey fits in the luggage compartment because he can.  Yup.

"Welcome to the TPR Midwest Tour!!!"

Hey!  That sounds like a place we should go! 

Everyone looks on in amazement...

I spy the first credit of the trip!

That's right!  The first pig statue credit!

"You have NO IDEA what I plan to do to that pig later on...."

Yay!  Pepsi Python!  Well, yay for the Python part at least.

It was a fun little first coaster with a surprise first drop.

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