Little Amerricka

Marshall, Wisconsin
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Theme Park Review's Midwest USA 2007 Tour!

Midwest USA 2007 Tour
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"We've got a long way to go...and a short time to get there..."

Even KidTums is sporting the latest TPR fashions!

Suck it down Mr. Alvey!

Hi Willy Wonka, how's it going?

Welcome to Little Amerricka!  (Play at your own risk!)

Everyone is all psyched because today we were going to get a sneak preview of the park's brand new wooden roller coaster....

METEOR!!!  (At least that's what the train says)

Here we are like awesome credit whores lined up for the kiddie woodie.

So much excitement!  So few I.Q. points!

"Are you guys all ready to ride the awesome METEOR?"

Theme Park Review's Midwest USA 2007 Video!
"The Meteor"

It's just a kiddie woodie, about 30 feet tall, but it's a lot of fun!

Everyone!  Show those kids hands up!

Louis!  Do some magic on Meteor!

"I'm at the top of the lift!  Which is only slightly taller than Casey!"

Everyone has a good time because we are either happy or drunk!  =)

It's so smooth and comfortable.  Even Casey fits in with another full sized adult!

Ahh, tiny little buzz cute!

Just like these guys!  How cute!


It was build from the ground up using the plans for the kiddie woodie that used to be at Hillcrest Park in Chicago.

Even old people like The Meteor!  =)

Now this is a liability waiting to happen!  =)

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