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So we finally arrive at the Mecca of roller coaster parks...Cedar Point.  But first!  Storytime!

Chicago traffic was bad...REALLY bad.  So we ended up getting to the hotel late - like around 2am.  But when we get there...the power is out!
Not just to the hotel, but to the surrounding city of Sandusky!  Fortunately, the hotel had already made up our keys and the doors worked off
battery power so we could all get into our rooms.  But the Air Conditioning was off and it was *REAL* quiet.  Like creepy quiet.
Of course we were all worried "What if the power doesn't come back on and there are no coasters for us tomorrow???"
Around 3:30am, the power came back on!  This blurry photo above is pretty much one of the very few photos we have documenting
the night!  Between everyone being tired and us all frantically trying to get information, the cameras weren't rolling.  Next time.  They WILL be!

Since the power was out, they gave us flashlights to use getting down the hallways.  Of course we had other uses for them.

After only just a few hours of sleep, everyone was lined up and ready for morning ERT on Maverick.

That ended up being a VERY long line!

And while it was "wet" we were all anxiously awaiting the opening of the ride.

And then it appeared.  A streak of clouds across the sky that looked like something out of Independence Day!

At the moment, Dan is dry, which is a good thing.

But we wouldn't stay dry for very long.

"Cedar Point has a new rain policy...the look on my face explains it all!"

"So THAT is what water looks like!"

Everyone was having a "Poncho Party!"

Just when we thought it couldn't get worse...it got worse.

Dan says "This is NOT an acceptable amount of water!"


Next you'll see some boats floating by!

While it was raining we felt it would be the best idea to go drinking!

Some others felt that was a good idea too.

"I don't need an excuse to have more beer."

Soda??  WIMPS!!!  (OMG, is that Hanno???)

Louis pulls out his Balloon (no, not THAT balloon) and teaches us a thing or two about magic.

Looks like you've had a little experience at this!  =)

Ahhh, how cute!  You've made a doggie!

"Balloon shotgun anyone?"

"Less filling!"

OMG!  It's bigger than KidTums!

The balloon motorcycle bear stayed in the bar the rest of the day!

KidTums can handle her balloon alcohol!

Um, Steak Knife bandits??  Huh?   HUH?!?!

The rest of the group continued to wait.  If you can decipher the code, you'll know the ending to Lost.

Quite a few of them waiting it out for Maverick.

OMG!  Coasters are starting to open!

"My first coaster at Cedar Point is an Arrow.  I can die happy now."

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