Theme Park Review's Midwest USA 2007 Trip!
Photo Updates From Our Tour!


Below are the photo updates from TPR's Midwest USA 2007 Tour:
Coney Island
Holiday World
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Beech Bend Park
Indiana Beach
Little Amerricka
Mt. Olympus Theme Park
Wisconsin Dells
Six Flags Great America

Cedar Point
Stricker's Grove
Kings Island

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We would like to send a special thanks to the following people on the trip for contributing photos:
Athen Jon de Jager, Andrew Janes, Brad Roach, Carl Kelly, Casey "My Giant" Childers, Chris Ash, Chris Fourmont, Christina Steffensen,
Chuck Garcia, Dan Angona, Darren Bailey, Erik Johnson, Erik Penders, Freddie Ross, G. J. Homefield, Gary Kennon, Hanno Roos, Homer,
Jahan Makanvand, Jay Hill, Jenn Harbin, Jes Camilleri, Joey Mandel, Jon LoCoco, Louis Baerts, Luke Reynolds, Luko Simlesa, Marcus Löfstrand
Matteo Crepaldi, Max Gliner, Michael Redding, Richard Weir, Ron Rosenberg, Rustin Sides, Ryan "Pound it" King, Scott Douthwright,
Scott Hodges, Shawn Goode, Skipster Hughes, Stefanie Macdonough, Terrance Weaver, Tex, Tim Kozloski, Tomi "FlipDude" Zandshtein
Tony Teulan, Wes41190 Lagattolla, Will McCombie


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