Tokyo DisneySea
Urayasu, Japan
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We take the monorail through the vast parking lot over to DisneySea.
(Everyone here has mini vans!!!)

Similar to Disneyland Paris, you walk under the hotel to enter the park.

From early on you can see the awesome theming in this park.

Journey to the Center of the Earth was Elissa's favorite ride at the whole resort.

Robb tries to destroy some of the theming with his mighty cannon! 

Huge digging machine just adds to the theming surrounding the volcano.

Elissa finds her Mexican rodents in Japan!

It's a's a BIG ship!

The very LOUD electric railway!

Did we mention this park was well themed???

The Japanese seem to have a fascination with wacky flavored popcorn!!!

Dan consumes mass quanitites of Strawberry popcorn and lives to tell about it!

Even in the dark, the park is well themed.

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