Nagashima Spaland
Nagashima, Japan
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White Cyclone - it looks amazing, and it was an 'ok' ride, just not very interesting.

Robb and Dan looked happy in these PTC trains.

Take a look at it!  It looks REALLY cool!

What is with this country and all these head choppers?

The track layout in totally insane...but the ride is a lot more like "Mean Streak."

Awesome Marketing tag line: "White Cyclone: It's SOMETHING!"  LOL!!!
"Please nuderstand this difference!"   WTF?!?!?

Another shot of this awesome looking ride.

It's too bad this ride wasn't a bit better.

There was no shortage of random "meat on a stick" in Japan.

This Giant Frisbee was even better than the PKI version since we only waited about 30 seconds to ride it!

I wonder why all these parks have such big wheels....hmmm.....

We also kept seeing these squirrel cage rides everywhere too.

From here you can see how close to the water the park is.

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