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Holme Olstrup, Denmark
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 9: Bon Bon Land

The assortment of bizarre rides just never ends!  Here's the swamp boats....

The "fly swatter ride" (and yes it actually swats the flys)

We called this the "carousel of porn"

Complete with the vomiting rodent (I think this completes the bodily function collection of the park!)

"I'm sorry, I thought I smelled cookies.  Does it really smell like cookies?"

Robb loves it when Joey touches his boobs.

This is the "Aunt Jemima" Statue of Liberty!

The self-operated "run on two random things" ride....

The self-operated "human powered pirate ship!)

As the ship swings to and fro, Dan dances a happy little jig.

Ahh, the "seagulls and the giant ice cream ride!"

Finally, our group photo with the famous "Dog Fart" dog, "Henry Hundeprut" to end out day!
Thanks to everyone from who hung out with us!

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