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Holme Olstrup, Denmark
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Day 9: Bon Bon Land

Today was our visit to Bon Bon Land.  It's difficult to find a word to describe Bon Bon Land because this is like no other park I've ever been to!
You can use the words: Quirky, Bizarre, Disturbing, Perverted, etc...they all apply!  How do you describe a park that has really nice
theming, but themed to candy characters based on toilet humor?'s hard to describe!

The quick history lesson here is that "Bon Bon" is the name of a candy company in Denmark that makes candy based on strange characters
like the ones above.....their most popular candy, however, came when they created the "Dog Fart" candy.  Yes, you read that right!

The park is filled with tons of random characters (and in this case a few live rabbits too!)

All of the characters look like they've been drinking a little too much.

Everything is really cartoony, and nothing is without a theme that one can only describe as "messed up."

Then we started to notice things even more bizarre when it came time make some dog farts!

This guy here points out the mens room!

If you're a lady, just look for this sign!  (and no you won't be required to pee in a bucket!)

Just try not to fall in!

All of the characters are anatomically correct!

Take a close look at the Cowboy Town sign.  Notice anything interesting?  =)

Now this is one saloon we will make SURE we visit!

They don't try to hide anything, do they?

Betty Babs was the "cow boobs" character you see around the park.

Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  That IS a seagull crapping in an alligators mouth!

No need to use toilet paper when the park offers this amazing service!

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