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Sierksdorf, Germany
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 9: Hansa Park

Another day, another ferry!  This one will lead us to Hansa Park!

Elissa gets slightly uncomfortable with the claustrophobic cargo area!

Ahh, finally!  hansa park (all in lower case!)

Dan: "I wonder what day it is?"  Robb: "No idea...do you know what time it is?"  Dan: "Nope!"

This bizarre looking poofy mound of air was 10 minutes of heaven for all of us!

Girls jumping on trampolines!!!!

Girls jumping on trampolines!!!!

Hansa Park was actually VERY pretty.  Lots of attention put into the little things.

Flowers, boats, and all that other la-la stuff.

But let's get down to business!  Forget la-la plants and crap, I want to ride the coaster that eats people!!!!  Yeah!!!

It might look nice and pleasant, but it EATS PEOPLE!!!!

Here we go on the fun Schwarzkopf...hmm..is that a mouth I see down there???

"I got to sit next to Elissa and she even waived the $50 fee!"

Chomp!  Chomp!  Chomp!  I told you this coaster EATS PEOPLE!!!!

It's a vertical loop.  Exciting?  Yeah...next page please!  =)

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