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Holme Olstrup, Denmark
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Day 9: Bon Bon Land

Another self-operated ride was the zip line thingy.

Dan fulfills his dream of being a ride op!

Again, this was really tall and went really far...with NO ONE around operating it but us!!!!

This was their new log flume, and yes, with lots of really screwed up characters along the way.

Rodents were in full force at the park, so that made Elissa happy.

What does that translate into you ask?  "Dog Fart Coaster" of course!  We're NOT kidding either!!!!

Here is the dog, crapping away on the ground.

See those nice little turds?  Yummy!  They look just like the candy that you can buy in the store. Seriously!!!

When you go through the dog house, you actually get farted on!!!!  We're NOT making this up!!!

As the train enters the dog house, the fart noise comes out of the speaker on the wall.

Here is a close up of the farting speaker! 

Here we are....all psyched up about getting farted on!

Yay!  Another train full of riders farted on and checking out those awesome dog craps!

He even has his own cartoon!  Complete with farts!!!

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